Alan Waka (Biography)

Aminu Ladan Abubakar Ala was born in Yakasai Quarters of Kano City in 1973. Started academic quest with Islamic education, the ‘Muhammadiyya education’ as it is a tradition with most Hausas to first attend the Qur’anic or Arabic schools from the very begining.
He then attended Tudun Murtala Primary School Kano, after which he was enrolled into Government Secondary School Kawaji Dakata also in Kano, finishing it in 1992. Upon completing his secondary education he immediately engaged his self with creative writings and found alot of pleasure in writing fiction stories also known as romantic literature, Ala have written and published nine (9) books so far, the first being ‘Jirgi Daya’ and the last one being ‘Ceto Ko Cuta’ which was sponsored and published by A daidaita Sahu, the people reorientation agency of Kano State Government.
He also delved into song writing at a stage in hi life and as a result of that sort of came out of hiding and a lot of people got to know him. He later went back to School Of Technology Kano to obtain a National Diploma in Arts and Industrial Design.


  1. In kaji wane ba banza ba, Allah ya zamani Fasihi jagoran mawakan Africa. Jinjina gareka Allah yakara basira, bayan haka Dan Allah INA bukatar Wakar “Ummu Muhammad fansar mutant katsina”
    Daga masoyinka akoda yaushe ,itz _ghala@instagram

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